Today Matthew H Fleeger is known as an influential figure in the oil and gas, waste management, and tanning industries, but he had to earn the skills that have allowed him to join the prestigious ranks of those listed in the International Who’s Who of Business Professionals.

Matt H Fleeger’s Business Education

Matt Fleeger earned his undergraduate degree in business from Southern Methodist University. His father had already established Gulf Coast Western, a successful oil and gas company, in 1970, so it was only natural that Matthew Fleeger would want to learn the skills needed by top business executives. The young student therefore focused on finance and marketing while he pursed his BA in Business. These skills would certainly prove themselves useful as Matt Fleeger started his career.

Matt H Fleeger’s Early Experiences in the Oil and Gas Industry

After graduating from college, Matt Fleeger used his experience in finance and marketing to take executive positions with companies in the oil and gas industry. Between 1986 and 1993, he gained experience in the industry by working for several Texas-based companies, include Gulf Coast Western, the organization that his father had founded more than a decade before Matt Fleeger’s graduation. Fleeger’s formative experience in oil and gas would serve him well in the upcoming years when he founded his own company, MedSolutions, Inc.

Matthew H Fleeger Founds MedSolutions, Inc

In 1993 Matthew Fleeger founded MedSolutions, Inc, a diversified holding company that specialized in the transportation, disposal, and treatment of medical wastes produced by healthcare facilities. His leadership over the next decade and a half helped the company develop into a regional leader in healthcare waste management. Between 1993 and 2007, Matthew H Fleeger held the positions of Chairman/Directory, CEO, and President. During this time he helped the company grow until it caught the attention of Stericycle, Inc (nasdaq:srcl), the industry’s leader. Matt Fleeger negotiated the sale of MedSolutions, Inc to Stericycle for approximately $59 million, proving that he had the skills and experience to develop a successful business.

Matthew Fleeger Returns to the Oil and Gas Industry 

After negotiating the sale of MedSolutions, Inc, Matt Fleeger returned to the oil and gas industry as the President and CEO of Gulf Coast Western. Gulf Coast Western is a U.S. company that focuses on domestic oil and gas reserves in the Gulf Coast region. Fleeger’s exceptional background in acquisitions, general partnerships, mergers, and corporate structuring made him the perfect candidate for a leadership position within this growing organization. Under his direction, the company will certainly continue to progress towards an even more successful future in the domestic oil and gas industry.

Matthew H Fleeger’s Tanning Industry Interests 

Matt Fleeger has also helped found two successful businesses in the tanning industry that have combined revenues approaching $100 million. He was instrumental in founding Palm Beach Tan, which has grown from a small six-store operation into one of the largest indoor tanning operators in the county. He also helped found Mystic Tan, which is now the largest spray-on tanning booth franchise in the world.